Front-end Dev
UX/UI Design

Career Highlights
• Early adopter and practitioner of DevOps Agile Scrum methodologies.
• Industries include start-up's, manufacturing, real-estate, medical, Gov defense, portals, and automation.

Brief History
With a successful twenty-five-year career in IT engineering slash Agile Scrum project management, I have also developed a freelance/hobby skillset in web development and design. As infrastructure moved from predominant on-prem into "the cloud" as a service, AKA IaaS, these skills were a tremendous benefit to both engineering and Agile DevOps management.

Todd Bailey


Career Accomplishment Brief
• An early adopter of Agile, Scrum, and DevOps management practices. Utilizing many tools such as Jira, Mira, ServiceNow, and Azure. A consistent leader of diverse teams within environments such as web, manufacturing, medical, and government defense. Building and managing teams for on-prem, cloud, and hybrid implementations.

• Early in my career I designed and implemented a concept coined; “Modular Network Upgrade”. A compartmentalized infrastructure upgrade process by department. Cataloging upgrade needs, minimizing downtime, risks, costs, and disasters. A pre-era “plug and play” for complete on-prem network upgrading.

• Utilized my web development skills creating early industry data integrity back-up automation, on-prem, and off-prem storage. Additionally, I created new methods of large data transfer for B2B communications.

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